Lance is taking me away on a surprise trip tomorrow.  I know, it would be a real surprise if I didn’t know I was going away, but because there was going to be a work function on this weekend he had to tell me so I could get leave.

So the plan is… no clues!

Apparently we’re going to be busy all day tomorrow  starting with breakfast somewhere.  And my mom and dad are looking after the boys tomorrow night – their first sleepover anywhere ever (which is quite sad considering Bradley is already 6)!

Hope it’s nice 🙂

One thing that’s already nice about it… this is the first birthday in about a decade where I haven’t known exactly what I’m getting.

So forgive the sparce blog post, all I can think of is what clothes I’m going to pack, and wear tomorrow. 🙂  And to make sure my camera is charged and I have the right lenses 😉