I hardly buy magazines anymore, but there’s nothing better to while away the time on a flight than reading some mags.  So yesterday morning, I ploughed through the latest Fairlady magazine and came across an article about women’s clubs, and part of the article really resonated with me.

As you all know, I belong to a book club.  Now, I love the book club, but to be quite honest,  for the last few months we haven’t even swapped books.  We just meet up to drink a few bottles of wine, eat a snack or meal or two, and just chat and chat and chat.  And I really look forward to it every month.

I’m thinking that we should change the name of our supposed “book club”.  And we should just drop the pretence of the books that get lugged around from house to house.

I like the Decadence Club idea.  Each person clubs in an amount.  Every month one person gets to keep the kitty of funds that are collected, so that she can splurge on something just for her… and the rule must be that she must prove what she did with the dosh… it cannot be used for the kids!!

I could do with that!  Oh yes I could.