Everyone got my birthday gifts spot on this year.  I’ve loved each and every thing I’ve got given this year.  Amongst the gifts were a pair of tracksuit pants (the K-way Nemesis) from my parents that I was really sceptical about wearing.

But boy, was I wrong!  The fact that they’re made from fleece put me off completely, and to top it off I haven’t worn tracksuit pants in years.

But then you wear them!! They don’t actually look half bad because they’re actually styled perfectly, and they’re the warmest pants I’ve ever ever worn.  Perfect for photo editing at a desk!

So, guess what I’m wearing to bookclub tomorrow night 😉 especially considering we normally sit outside… and it’s abso-freaking-lutely freezing at the moment!  Thanks Mom, they were the perfect gift 😉  Now I’m going to have to get myself another pair, and I have to get Lance a pair too!