We had a  meeting with Bradley’s teacher this evening at the school to get his end of term report, and I can happily report back that Bradley’s doing very well 🙂

He’s scored as an Over Achiever for his maths and spelling/reading skills, and then above average for the rest :)  I’m so very proud of him.  She said he’s one of the few kids that have grasped the concept of letters forming whole words quickly and he’s almost reading.  In fact, if you show him 3 or 4 letter words to read, he’s actually phonetically spelling them out and working out the pronunciation.

And surprisingly, he’s also apparently the only child in the class that has mastered the skills taught in computers.  Now I say surprising, because he’s almost the only child in our circle of friends that doesn’t play with playstations and computers… apart from the odd ceebeebee’s internet game that he plays.  You should see the picture he made in computer lessons by dragging and dropping simple shapes… it’s quite amazing.

One of the comments on the report, was that he’s a good “consultant”.  Mrs B explained.  If he’s finished his work earlier than the other kids, then she gets him to help the kids that are struggling.  So she tells the other kids to ask Bradley how to do it, and he helps them out.

She then said that one day, he was helping a friend with simple sums where they have to sum the contents of  2 piles of objects.  Now Bradley finds that type of thing very easy, and he doesn’t have to really count objects with his fingers anymore in order to do that.  She watched how Bradley was showing the other kid A, and then stopped him, because he was just giving A the answers, and explained that he has to help A learn how to sum.

She then told us that eventually Bradley came up to her and whispered in an amazed tone “he can’t even count”.  But she said that he had the most amazing amount of patience with A that day.

It’s actually quite something, A is 6 and she said that he can’t count things at all.  He apparently gets confused even with 4 items on the table.

Anyhoo, enough gushing about my clever son… I’d better get back to editing photos.