We got back from our 2 week holiday this morning, and this afternoon I found Bradley looking through the Gormiti cards and trying to read them.  Now Gormitis are little plastic figurines that my kids love playing, and clearly it’s still popular with other kids too (and there’s a new range out now).  Each figure comes with a playing card that explains the things power etc.

Now let me explain… while we were in Ballito, Bradley made friends with a boy who stayed in the same apartment block.  This kid is 10, and oh so much wiser than 6 year old Bradley but they had fun playing together.

Bradley came home from R’s house 2 days ago to say that he had swapped 2 of his gormitis for one of R’s cars. Neither Lance or I were happy with it, because the car in question wasn’t exactly in great shape and we thought that 2 for 1 was very unfair, but Bradley insisted that’s what he wanted to do.  We explained that he can’t get the toys back etc etc and life carried on.  Before I carry on, I must explain that he’s swapped Gormitis before… with his friend Thomas that now lives in New Zealand but that was a fair swap.

Until this afternoon that is, when I discovered which gormitis this other kid has now got!! The 2 most powerful Gormitis that Bradley had, and he’s now pining for them.

Bloody hell! I suppose he has to learn the hard way, there’s no way I can get those toys back.  R was just very wise and knew exactly what Bradley had.

It took a lot of explaining this afternoon to a heartbroken little boy, that if he wants to swap in future, that he mustn’t give away his favoruite toys… he must swap out the ones that he does like and doesn’t play with.

Lance is not happy with me.  He wanted to refuse to let Bradley swap at all.  But I know that next year he has to learn anyway, all the kids swap at school… where it’s the latest cards or little figurines… he just has to remember to be more careful about what he agrees to.

I hate that he’s a pushover.  I thought he was getting better and stronger, but it’s clear that I’ve been mistaken 🙁  My sensitive sweet little boy.