The kids watched “Return to Neverland” on TV tonight, and they loved it as much as I do.  There’s something about magical and fairy stories that I just love.  And of course there’s something even more magical about Peter Pan.

It sparked a few things in the house too.  Within moments of Jane learning to fly with magical fairy dust and then watching the Lost Boys fly too… both boys started trying to fly around the room and saying that they wished we had a fairy that could sprinkle magical dust to make us fly.  Connor was even lying on his tummy on the floor pretending to fly.

Then towards the end of the movie when the Lost Boys spat on their hands and then high-fived each other, Bradley started spitting on his hands too.  Lance tried to stop him by telling him it was disgusting, and then I reminded him that he must’ve done it as a child too.

I started thinking about another daft thing we used to do as kids… one that will never see the light of day again (or rather, it shouldn’t be happening).  Remember pricking your finger with a pin and your friend doing the same, and then touching fingers… so that you were blood brothers?  I remember that.  Everyone did it.  I can’t even imagine trying to explain that to my kids… thankfully they’ve (or rather Bradley) has had it drilled into their heads that you’re not to touch anyone that is bleeding.

And so the course of your child’s experiences start differing to your experiences… those games are no longer as innocent as they used to be.