I used to be stroppy when I was younger, and I’ve mellowed out over the last few years… and sometimes that drives me nuts!

I think far too much about something before I say it, mostly because I don’t want to hurt that person’s feelings.

I bumped into a woman from camera club today.  Now she has the link to my blog, and I’m wondering whether she read it, because she asked me if I was coming back at all.  She then told me not to give up, and try again, and maybe I’ll get better results.  Then she told me about the portrait workshop they’re hosting in a few months time.

Instead of saying no, I chickened out, and just said that I would think about it, and that I knew about the workshop because I’d seen the email.

What I wanted to say was “Not a chance in hell am I going back!  You people are so freaking old fashioned that I’m never going to get anywhere, but I’m not prepared to change my style for that! And as for that portrait session, the guy who is going to be doing the teaching is more old fashioned that some of the judges – I need to learn from people that are more with the latest photography styles and techniques!”