I was about to leave the house this morning to get food for our braai and a new pair of sandals, when Lance mentioned the article he’d read in the Star newspaper yesterday about shoes with dangerous levels of some chemical.

I was very curious about which shoes had been found to be dangerous, so I read the article… and promptly changed my mind about the shoes I was about to buy.  You see, I was about to go and buy another pair of Ipanema slops from Woolies.

According to the article, and to the original report that I’ve just found, traces of DEHP have been found in 4 shoes in South Africa, and one of them is a pair of gold Ipanema slops (the other shoes don’t affect us as I don’t buy those ranges).  This chemical apparently causes cancer as well as severe damage to a developing foetus and the central nervous system. Nice hey?

And guess what… Ipanema slops are just the most comfy thing to wear in summer! I have 2 pairs from last year, and my mom and sister have umpteen pairs of them.  Now apparently, this chemical helps to make the plastics and rubber soft and pliable… which means in my mind, that it’s not only the gold pair of shoes that’s “infected”…  it’s the entire range.

So I guess that means, I have to find more shoes!  At least I have a genuine reason to go shopping now!

Oh and, I did get to Woolworths this morning, and guess what I found?  An entire wall of Ipanema shoes!! They hadn’t been withdrawn yet.  the newspaper stated that Woolies would be investigating, but surely it would be more prudent for them to just withdraw the shoes until they knew for sure that there was no problem?!

Edited to add a link to a site that has a photo of the style of shoes in question: http://www.stylescoop.co.za/?p=2833