Bradley was very excited this evening when he told me about the plans for Friday night.  Lance didn’t want to tell the mom in question whether he could actually go without me knowing about it… so Bradley had to tell me his story.  He was invited to his first sleepover!!

How very exciting 🙂

His best friend, Angelique apparently got home last night with a list of name, and proceeded to tell her mom that she’d invited all these people to her house for a sleepover!!  I don’t envy that mom at all!! LOL!

You might be saying… a girl!… are you mad?  But LOL Angelique has been his best friend since they were 2, and she mostly plays with boys and I know her parents so well now.

As for the other kids… I’m not sure how many are actually going to go.  When I spoke to the mom this evening, she said that Bradley was the only one who had replied so far (and Angelique was screaming in the background when she realised who was on the phone and actually coming to her party).  I don’t think anyone else is taking it as a serious invitation 🙂 but anyhoo, she will have loads of fun with Bradley!