I was in Indigo at Clearwater Mall this afternoon and uhming and aahing about whether to buy a dress when the sales assistant tried to help me.

Eventually he asked me about the album I was carrying.  It was my portfolio, as I’d just met a bride and her family for coffee to discuss a possible wedding date for next year (and yippee got booked!).  I showed him a few photos after he told me that he was into photography.

LOL, his face was a picture when I showed him the TTD photo at the ruined house with the LOVE engraved on the wall.  He kept just saying WOW. 🙂

He told me that he was an artist in varsity and he was busy working on a piece of art that sounded like it was the size of the wall.  He said he was struggling with the piece, but that I’d given him some inspiration for it 🙂  .  How cool is that?!

Then he asked whether I could teach him about photography.  Now I’m not too sure about that.  Teaching someone frightens me.  Give me an article to write about it any day, or show someone that I know (that I can do too), but teaching… I don’t know.

So I told him to give me his email address and I would email him links to artists and photographers that I’d learnt from, and who inspire me.  And his reply amazed me, considering his age and how funky he looked… he said he didn’t have access to email, and although he knew how to use a computer, the internet wasn’t him.  He didn’t want anything to do with the net. At all… said it went against who he was.

Considering he was working in a hip clothing shop (to ground him apparently – no mention of money of course), and he was at varsity… it was just very strange.

But then again, maybe I’m strange.  LOL, I know I’m strange, but please… how on earth do you broaden your horizons without some connections online these days.  And then again… maybe that’s just in my life!