And I genuinely do this time! I know I normally find a good excuse to go shopping, but this time I’m serious!

I went to a Shul this afternoon to meet a batmizvah teacher. I’m shooting a batmizvah with 6 girls next weekend and then taking photos at one of the family functions after the ceremony.

And oh my!  I’d been warned by the one mother who is organising the function, that I’d need to wear a skirt or dress and cover my shoulders for the function… but that’s a little understatement!

I was seriously looked at twice tonight by the rabbi and the teacher because I was wearing pants, even though the sleeves of the top were longer than my elbow.  I’d better get a proper outfit for this shindig!

Now, I’ve got skirts that come below my knees, but they’re pencil skirts, and I’m taking photos and need to move! I need a new skirt/dress with 3/4 sleeves and a highish neckline!   So a-shopping I will duly go 🙂  It’s a really good excuse!

On a side note… Google Maps got me horribly lost tonight!! It took me to the wrong Pine Rd, and thank goodness my phone has GPS in it!! I was so horribly in the wrong direction!