Do you remember the Childrens home that we threw a Christmas party for a few years ago?  The stories written at the time, about meeting the kids and the resulting party are here, here, here and here:

Here’s an update on the St Janes de Chantal Haven and how the kids are doing.

Remember Arthur?  He’s been adopted and is apparently very happy in his new home.

And Kia and her bad skin which we thought was excema?  It was actually shingles, and apparently eventually they couldn’t even put clothes on her little body because it got so sore.  She was 2 years old at the time this photo was taken.

Hannah has lost 5 of the children that were at the home 2 years ago.

At the moment, there are 25 children at the haven, and a few of them are in hospital receiving treatment.  Not all the children she gets have HIV, some of them come from abused homes, and most of them need medical treatment.  She’s still getting children from Child Welfare, but more and more of them are being dropped off at the gate to the home.

A month ago, 5 armed men climbed over the walls of the haven and held her and the children up, demanding money.  Apparently, she just told them that she didn’t have money, and they should all look very carefully at the children because one of them might in fact be one of their own!  She eventually had them changing nappies and feeding the babies J She’s one amazing woman!

She told the story of the one baby she’s got in her care at the moment, and this is heartbreaking…

She got the baby girl a few weeks ago when the baby was 2 weeks old.  The mother had left the baby on the floor of her shack while she went off drinking.  When she returned, or when someone came to answer the screams (no sure which one), a rat was eating the baby’s face.  By the time the baby got rescued, the nose had been chewed off as well as part of the cheek, and the baby is currently being prepared for her second round of plastic surgery.

I can’t actually get that out of my head… that poor poor baby 🙁 my heart breaks for her.  Never mind the anger I feel towards any mother that can just leave their 2 week old on the floor to go drinking?!!

Leanne, who went to visit the home over the weekend, said that the kids are happy as usual and the carers only too grateful for an extra set of hands to help with bottle feeding and nappy changing and story reading.  And as you can imagine, they need a constant supply of nappies and formula for the babies and food, clothes, and school supplies for the older kids in her care.
I’m going to try and get there in the next few weeks, so if you have anything you want to donate, let me know.