I’ve seen this Friday Fragments meme on a few blogs recently, and it’s just perfect for today… so without further adieu, here are my fragmented thoughts for this cold and rainy Friday evening.

  • The party I was going to go to tomorrow has been cancelled due to the crap weather… so I have a free day that I hadn’t planned and I’m already feeling at a bit of a loss.
  • Think I’ll go shopping though for a new handbag
  • I’m going to finish my nieces pressies to send to New Zealand and hopefully they get them before Xmas! I’ve been very slack for the last few years so I’m DETERMINED to get them nice gifts to make up a little!
  • Oh heck, I suppose I’d also get the school teachers presents too, considering the schools break up soon.
  • Lance finally found a car!! Woohoo!! So we’ll be a 2 car family again from next week 🙂  Yay I have my freedom back!
  • I’m eyeing out a new lens.  I really really want to get a 70-200mm f2.8 IS, but… it’s freaking expensive… but I am doing quite a few weddings next years that’ll pay for the lens and I need the lens for the weddings… and I’ve had an offer from someone in Europe to bring it back for me so I’ve worked out I can save R5000 by buying it there, rather than in SA.  But… it’s a LOT of money.
  • Madi’s husband is doing some work at our house at the moment and breaking down the massive carport that we’ve never used and which is rotting.  Now I have to redo part of the garden! Fun, but again expensive!
  • I got asked today whether I was OK, and almost started crying.  I can’t think about my feelings right now… I can’t handle it.  So, I walked away and didn’t say anything, it’s better that way.
  • I’m so very cold… I should really go to bed and sleep but the photos… they won’t edit themselves

I’m obsessed with money at the moment, can you tell?