That’s it! I’ve had it!!

I don’t care what all the other shoppers think of me… I’m buy a leash for Connor!

He did it again tonight!

I went to the shops after picking the boys up from  my moms house.  He was as good as gold as I went around the shop because he was in the trolley eating grapes.  The minute we  got into the queue, he started performing and climbed out of the trolley!

After promising me that he would stand at the side of the trolley, I let him go.

As I was paying… he was still around but watching me.  As I put my card back in my wallet and took my eyes off him for a second, he ran.

By the time I managed to get out the door, he had run all the way to the other side of the centre. It’s a small centre, but it’s got a covered walkway area and the walkway and shops surround the car park.

And of course, Bradley’s not sure what will get him into more trouble with me… shouting and telling me that he’s gone or running after him to try and get him back.

To cut a long story short… thankfully the trolley collector was helping me… he put the shopping into the car, while I wrestled with Connor and manhandled him kicking and screaming into the car, and then locked the door to stop him escaping.

So there… that’s it… I’m shopping for a leash now! I’ve HAD IT!

Then… as we get onto our road… Connor decides in his wisdom to remove his seatbelt and stand on the back seat! Oh the joys!

I was in a foul mood until he went to sleep!