This one car story is the pits.

We’ve been a one car household for 2 weeks now, and none of us are coping very well.  Thankfully Lance is able to get another car next week, so this pain is nearly over… but still it’s a problem for the next few days.

It’s not that it’s an inconvenience for me, that doesn’t really phase me, but I realised this afternoon why I’m struggling with it so much.

The time in the traffic on my own to work and back is my time.  It’s in fact the only time I get to spend by myself these days without working or cooking or doing something.  I need the break between work and home to recoup my thoughts before the onslaught of the kids (not Lance because he’s not an onslaught 🙂 ), and I’m not getting it at the moment.

I get into the car, and the kids are in the back… whining because they’ve been in the car for about 40 minutes already and by now they realise it takes an hour to get back home.  Then they’re fighting, and Connor is trying to climb out of his car seat (I’m assuming because his body gets sore from the chair)… and the music is going and Lance and I are chatting… and it’s noisy.

It’s much more chaotic than my usual quiet slow trip home listening to the radio.

OK, I do actually realise that this is sad.  I should get more time to myself… but seriously when would you like me to do that? The only other time to my own thoughts is when I’m blogging, or showering or sleeping…. the rest of my life is working, editing, and mothering.