I got a letter from the company who I assume manage the relationship between my employer and Discovery Health.

Apparently, they’ve looked at my records for this year, and they reckon I’m over insured, and they’re suggesting that I reduce my cover.

I have a few problems with this:

1.  According to the letter, they’ve only taken this year’s records into account.  We happen to have had a particularly good year when it comes to medical expenses.

2.  If they’d even bothered to look into last year or the year before, they would see another story entirely!

3.  A few days before the letter arrived, I went to the physio for my neck, and booked dentist appointments for me and Bradley.  I also think I may need a chiro appointment for my neck pretty soon.  So much for not using my savings!

4.  All I need next year, is to reduce the cover, and then have Connor and Bradley desperately ill… I’d be screwed!

5.  Imagine there’s a massive problem with my neck, or Connor has a serious allergy like Bradley had 2 years ago, or Bradley gets Steven Johnson’s Syndrome again?

They’re MAD… MAD I tell you!!

Imagine how many people are going to be in serious trouble because they’ve taken this stupid letter at face value?!  Who decides, based on one years history to reduce cover?!

Hah!! I’d rather pay the extra thanks… you never know!