Thoughts of Christmas presents have started, and wonders never cease, I’ve actually started buying them!

I went to Sandton yesterday to finish the New Zealand presents, which are being posted tomorrow… and hopefully they’ll get there in time!! I could have spent a fortune in Big Blue but I was good, and only got pressies!

Then I went to the toy shop and bought the most awesome Fisher Price dinosaur for Connor!  Laura had told me about the range, and I had to find it.  Wow! I wish I could afford the bigger ones for him!  They had such an awesome range!

This afternoon however, thoughts turned to myself… after dreaming about getting a 70-200mm f2.8 L for myself… and a shootsac and a baroque cover for myself (ps. if anyone is travelling to SA from USA this Xmas and is willing to bring the shootsac for me, I’d love you forever, they don’t ship to SA, and local places are nearly triple the price)… I got the email from Photojojo with the usual tempations.

Except this time, I’m actually interested in what’s on the newsletter!! Wow!! How cool is this little lens? I want one, I can just imagine the funky photos I’d be able to take with it!  And the piggy bank frame… what a cool idea!

I think it’s time to put a xmas wishlist together!