First, I have to say that following on from yesterday’s post… it’s not my photography or my bookings causing my angst… in fact that’s what’s keeping me sane right now 😉

Anyhoo, back to today’s story, Bradley lost his second tooth on Thursday at school.  It came out while he was eating a burger at school 🙂  So very glad he didn’t swallow this tooth like the first one 😉

This was after going to the dentist on Wednesday and her telling me that the tooth was almost out… and she could see the big tooth already peeping through the gums.   Oooh and he only needed his teeth cleaned and flouride applied at the dentist, I’m so very pleased that he’s brushing properly!

So, on Thursday night, the tooth fairy arrived… and gave him 2 R10 notes.  OMW was he upset in the morning!! One of his friends had told him that she’d gotten R100 for her teeth! Oh the drama… but then he felt better when he got to school and another friend told him that she’d got more for her top teeth!

LOL!  I think R100 is excessive… but anyhoo.  Maybe we should chat to the tooth fairy and increase the amounts a little for the 2 front teeth that are loose at the moment.