I saw a link to a shop on Twitter yesterday, and because I was in Emmerentia delivering a DVD of photos at lunch time, I decided to pop in and take a look.

Wow! I could have spent a fortune.

The Cartwheel Bazaar is Upstairs at Bamboo for a few more days.  I quite like the concept.  This woman has got a whole load of stuff that she’s selling from the premises only for 10 days.  That’s right… the shop opened on the 5th of December, and it’s closing next week!!

She doesn’t have hoards of stuff.  A few things stood out though amongst the clothes and pottery and fabrics.

  • Handmade bags from Swaziland that are made from recycled materials. LOVED the handbags and the laptop bags.
  • Cut steel hooks and candleholders to hang on walls, including the MOST divine tree thing to hang on a wall to hang beads onto. LOVED that
  • Hand made dolls and teddies – my word those were expensive though but beautifully made

It’s a pity I can’t actually find photos of things that look like their stuff to show you.

Not sure how she’s going to advertise in future, but I’d love to go to this bazaar shop again