I was going to blog about what we did over Christmas, and how nice it was to spend time at my parents house having our traditional family dos over the 2 days… but this evening Bradley’s dilemma overshadowed that all!

You saw this photo on my other blog, didn’t you… well… I took it just before the kids started opening gifts at my mom’s house on Christmas Eve.

Look how excited Bradley is!

And remember I told you all about what Santa at Crest Shopping Centre told him about the Transformer Mask?  That it was going to be under the tree?  Well… that has now caused endless drama!

As he opened more and more gifts between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the quieter he got.

And then he seemed fine after that.

Tonight however was a different matter.  He came to me this evening almost in tears and said he wasn’t feeling well.  Eventually he told me that he was upset because Father Christmas’ helper (that’s the shopping centre Santa) had lied and the toy wasn’t under the tree!

It took me about an hour to calm him down and explain why he couldn’t get every single toy that was on his list, and that the helper couldn’t have known what Father Christmas was actually going to bring, and whether Father Christmas actually had enough masks for all the kids that asked for them.

Never mind the other stuff he got that was also on his list!!

And then to make matters worse, Connor pipes up from downstairs “But Mom, I was a good boy because I got my bicycle”.  Ho hum!

My heart really broke for him, but I suppose he has to start learning about disappointment at some stage.