Again with the randomness:

1.  I’ll be announcing something this week.  It’s big for me.  I’m just not ready to say anything yet.. too many people read my blog.  And no, I’m not pregnant and it’s not about photography or Lance or the kids!

2.  I’m not sure how I’m going to finish all this editing this week.

3.  I’ve got my last charity thing for the year tomorrow.  I’m donating a whole lot of pre-loved toys and clothes to a squatter camp creche in Soweto.  Should be interesting.  One of our client’s at work told us about the place, so we’re going to help them out a little too.

4.  On Wednesday morning I’m driving 130km to a photoshoot on a farm! My oath, hope I get there in time.  I’m going to have to get up at sparrows fart to get there by 9am.

5.  I’m seriously thinking of taking leave on Thursday and Friday

6.  PANIC… I’m no closer with my Xmas shopping

7.  It’s bookclub on Tuesday night 🙂 and we’ve done a secret santa thing again… what fun!