A few of you know that over the last few years, I’ve gone through bouts of losing hair.  It started when I had those miscarriages, and when I had both kids it happened again.

Now however, I can’t blame the kids.  My hair is falling out and it’s depressing me so much.

I knew it had got bad when Lance said something to me the other day 🙁

So now, I’m declaring Operation Jenty-hair.  I’ve got to do something about it or else I’m convinced I’ll be bald in a few months.

Last time it happened I invested in Nioxin… but MY GOD it was expensive and it really didn’t work all that well.

This time, I’ve bought hair and nail tissue salts to try the natural route, and I’ve also bought Vigro tablets and a hair tonic.

Any other ideas anyone?  Other than a wig?  Maybe I should chop my hair off… but then I think I’ll look worse because of how thin my hair is right now.

I don’t know… I actually just feel like crying about it and crawling into a ball and wishing it away.