We have an Angel at the top of the tree and she’s magic.  In fact, she’s so magic that she can even see whether children are good when she’s packed in her box at the top of the cupboard.

She’s the one, in our household, that tells Father Christmas whether Connor and Bradley have been good or not.

This is one of my family traditions.  I’ve been thinking about these traditions since I read Burgh Baby’s blog post about the same topic a few days ago.  My parents had a fairy at the top of their tree, and she was magic too; and I’ve continued with this tradition with my kids.

It’s been quite funny this year though.  Connor can now talk properly, and Bradley and him often have arguments and fights and very rough play etc where one of them inevitably gets into trouble.

Now it’s ok for us to use the Angel as a threat.  If they do something wrong we’ll tell the kids to remember that the Angel is watching and she’s going to tell Father Christmas and then they won’t get gifts.

The kids have taken this one step further this year though.

If one of them does something wrong, the other one stands in front of the tree, looks up at the Angel and says “Angel, Bradley/Connor is being naughty, he did…. ”

LOL! Then the other one runs to the tree and shouts “Sorry Angel, I won’t do it again, please tell Father Christmas to still bring me presents!”

I hope this magic never runs dry!