I mentioned a few days ago on my photoblog that I won a voucher for a web design from Judith Shakes Designs.  And I got it simply by doing the Weekly Winners on Lotus’ blog most weeks.

I had actually forgotten all about the challenge that Lotus set at the beginning of the year, so I was surprised when I won it 🙂

I’m absolutely thrilled about it because I’ve been eyeing out her gorgeous blog designs for years.  They are so very awesome!!

Anyhoo, the point of this ramble is the following… I’ve bought the layout for my photoblog and I’m loathe to change that now.  I think I’m going to get Tanya from Snapping Turtle to design a new photographic logo for me, so there’s not much there I can do.

I can however, use this opportunity to get a domain for this blog… finally!

The problem is figuring out what to call it.  I’m tired of Jentyrambling.  I like Jentyjuggles but that’s too close to Cat’s blog name. Or maybe stuffinmymind.com.  Or what about jentyincolour.com or jentyinreallife.com or reallifejenty.com or mylifeisreal.com (damn that one is taken!) or mylifeincolour.com or thelifeofjenty.com (ok, that’s too corny) or aliveandjenty.com

OK this is getting a little ridiculous now… this is really a ramble… think I need to remove the Jenty… I’ll think about it a little and you’ll see the change kthxbye