I watched the celebrity local version of Survivor this evening.  It was the first in the series.

Now, I don’t normally watch it, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever watched the local version. But this time, I’m going to give it a bash because I actually know one of the contestants via Twitter and blogging!! Sandi aka Cybersass is in it (and she’s taking part in Project 365 too on another blog!).

On Twitter we knew she went away for a while to an unknown destination, and she was uncontactable for a while.  Then she reappeared without explanation, and eventually the news came out about where she’d been.

The thing that struck me tonight while I was watching it, and the reason behind this odd blog post is the following…

These people are used to being in the limelight.  They’re also used to putting on a persona and that’s what the general public see and know of them.

But, this is different.  This time, it’s about who they are.  It’s raw and it’s quite invasive.

It’s not the same as arb people just doing Survivor for the hell of it.

I probably should ask her this, but anyhoo, it’s going on my blog anyway… it must feel very strange to watch yourself on Survivor because there aren’t any scripts to hide behind… only your own words and actions.  Unless you’re a brick, and have no emotion at all, it must be quite nervy to now listen and read about what people are saying about this programme and about you.