You all know I like random… so this blog challenge from Female2Female is right up my alley!

If I could work half day I would

In my kitchen cupboard is Kelloggs frosties, tinned salmon, lemon cream biscuits, soya sauce and thai stir fry sauce

On my desk – my Blackberry charging cable that keep forgetting to take back to work!

Image in my head – planning images for Tanya’s engagement shoot next weekend because I’m trying to convince her that they won’t look like retards!.

In the middle of my to do list – the print orders that are outstanding so I can’t deliver the DVD or the photos.

I am dreading – I’m not really dreading anything at the moment apart from the traffic on the way to work every morning.

Right now I want to start blogging on my new domain

I think I’m a little loony.

Going to have my hair cut short on Friday… squeeee!! (as Veronica would say).