Connor went for his tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy today, and as we were sitting around in the paediatric ward waiting for him to recover, we started chatting to the other parents that were also arbing around there… as you do when you’re in a hospital 🙂

One of the kids in his ward was about 11 or 12, I guess, and he had broken his arm over the weekend, and had arrived at the hospital for treatment this morning (they didn’t realise it was broken).  We heard his story while the sister was sorting his drip out, while he was waiting for his op.

The sister asked him how he managed to break him arm.  He said he had climbed a wall at his sister’s house, and fallen off it.

The sister then says “Well, I suppose you won’t be climbing walls anymore after this”, to which he replies “But what if my tennis ball goes over the wall?”

That’s when I started laughing, and the rest of the conversation had me wishing that Connor was still asleep, but thankfully he was too dopey to remember anything he heard.

Then the sister told her story.  Her nephew decided that he was a helicopter one day, and climbed onto the roof… turns out he couldn’t fly after all, and broke an arm and a leg.  Then she starts talking about kids that think they’re Superman…

… and that’s when it happened. The boy’s mom then told us about her oldest son who is now 30.  He got a Superman costume as a present.

And that’s right, he thought he was the hero of the day, and tried to fly off the roof, cape and all!  And guess what… he also broke his arm.

She’s used to this broken arm thing, no wonder she was so calm about the whole ordeal today!

Oh but then, the Superman story got even funnier! The sister had a better one… the same helicopter kid arrived at her house one day donned in a Superman costume, cape and all… her dog took one look at him and attacked him! She had to sit on the dog to save the boy, and the dog was only happy when the suit was removed!

So, there you go, those families are the reason most of the nursery schools in Johannesburg don’t let kids wear superhero costumes to school!

But then again, boys will be boys, and you can’t get a good man down (or something like that)