I went to my long awaited dermatologist’s appointment this morning… and all I know for certain is that I’m going to be going to the loo a lot in the next 6 months.

He’s put me on a diuretic which is apparently quite strong and will make me need the loo all the time… fabulous.

The verdict was as follows:

  1. My hairloss is my body’s reaction to the hormonal issue, but follows the same pattern as male baldness.  FABULOUS!!
  2. My acne is part of the same problem
  3. It’s also caused by stress.  Funny that!!
  4. The medicine he’s given me should sort both problems out 🙂 … but it’ll take 6 months 🙁  We should be able to stop it though.
  5. And I have to watch what else I eat because this stuff has high levels of potassium in it, so I have to make sure anything else I take is potassium free.
  6. Note the should is not a will!!  🙁
  7. He phoned an endocrinologist because of the low testosterone levels found in the last tests as they were very very low and concerning.  FABULOUS.  The specialist is also confused by the results.  So… I’m off for more blood tests tomorrow to repeat that particular test.

On another hair note, I’ve booked my hair appointment… with Jessica‘s stylist because the other chick was only available at the end of February!! My oath!! I hope this chick cuts well.

Lance is still trying to tell me it’s a bad idea because it’ll accentuate the bald areas on my head 🙁  But I can’t do this for another 6 months 🙁

I’m sure by now you’re tired about hearing about my hair… so I’ll find a new topic for tomorrow… maybe something to do with me stressing about the small chapel on Friday and wondering how I’m going to get around it without tripping over the bridal couple 🙂