After only one day…

1. I need a new wardrobe, because my clothes don’t suit my style anymore.  In fact, I even wore a necklace today with my dress (and btw the colour is gorgeous when I wear purple!)

2. I went to a party this afternoon and was surprised to get the reaction… the reason… I’d forgotten I’d only done it yesterday!

3.  I started chucking out my hairbrush and old hair products… I need different stuff now

4.  My head feels smaller… very strange but true.

5.  Connor says I look like a boy

6.  Bradley just smiles and says I look like my old photos.

7. Lance is hugging me more, and keeps telling the kids he has a sexy wife

8. I find myself wondering why there isn’t a tool on the net where you can propagate all sites I’m linked to with my new avatar!  It’s a bloody pain!