I’ve decided to cut it, and now that I have… Lance (who has ALWAYS wanted me to cut it short again) reckons I should leave it for a few months because he thinks I’ll look worse because my hair is so thin.

But anyhoo, my plan is to cut it.  I just have to find another hairstylist who can do it.

I got Jessica‘s hairstylist’s number yesterday, but then today, a colleague also loved that hairstyle so much that she emailed the makeup artist in question and asked for her hairstylist’s phone number… and it turns out this person works from a house close to where I live!

So now the only dilemma left is what colour 🙂  I’m thinking red!  Lance reckons brown… he doesn’t get that it has to be funky! I can’t go blonde my skin is too pale.

Oh and the other thing… I need to lose weight then… it’ll only look funky if I feel funky again.