Bradley’s teacher spoke to Lance this morning about him again.  Firstly, a little brag… Bradley is getting another merit badge on Thursday 🙂  How cool!  And back to the story…

Apparently there’s a new little girl in his class who wasn’t in the school last year.  Her mom died of cancer, and this has apparently hit her the hardest out of the three kids in the family.  Being new, she’s also been quite lonely in the class and she hasn’t made friends with the other girls in the class.  Apparently the class hasn’t been told about her mother so they have no idea what she’s going through right now.

The teacher told Lance that Bradley noticed a few days ago that she was mostly on her own and looking sad, and he’s taken her under his wing.  He plays with her now at break time and he’s introducing her to his circle of friends.

Isn’t that special?!  I’m so proud of him.