I went back to the endo this afternoon to get the results of the blood tests, only to hear that I’ve got them flummoxed too!

He consulted with the other 2 Specialist Physicians in the practice because of my results, because my symptoms don’t match with the bloods. Much that I’m flattered by the attention, I’d actually prefer a definitive answer about my hair!

So, I actually have plenty wrong with me, and I’m now on a long long road to try and get it all in balance again, and judging by what he said each one of the problems would cause, I’ve actually had this for years… if not forever!

  • My iron levels are low, apparently the GP didn’t look at the same measurement that he does
  • My ratio for Estrogen vs progesterone is out of whack and I have too much estrogen
  • My DHEA and Andi… (cannot remember this very long name) and testosterone levels are too low

He actually tested for testosterone again… and again there was no sign of any!

So, I’ve been told to stop taking the stuff the dermatologist prescribed because it won’t make a difference and it’s making my blood rate too low.

The good news is that I’ve got plenty of mooti to keep me going and I have to have more tests in 2 months time to see if there’s a change… and I have to phone him if my hairloss gets worse.  The bad news… by correcting my testosterone and DHEA levels I risk losing more of my hair… FABULOUS hey?!

And he wants more tests tomorrow… this time to check for auto-immune problems (that was bad news).

The good news is the biggest surprise for me… my stress hormone levels are normal!! Wow! I was amazed!  The bad news… he says they’re a bit low, and that’s because my andrenal glands are not doing much (or something like that) because of the extended stress I’ve been under and because of the other problems listed above.

The good news… all the medicine I’ve been given is natural based… the bad news is that most of it isn’t covered by medical aid!