Today was epic, and I am quite exhausted, but before I go to bed, here’s a rundown of what we did…

Newborn shoot at 8:30am so I had an early start and managed to cook egg breakfasts for the boys before I left home.  This was close to Fourways.

Then mad dash home to drop off my equipment and pile the kids in the car with toys to play with en-route.

Then mad dash across Jo’burg to meet up with Sharon, Sally, Louisa and Anglugs at the tweetup at Irene Country Lodge.  I had to make it so I could deliver Angel’s DVD of engagement photos to her!  What a cool place for the kids, and food was Ok too after fighting with the waitress who didn’t want to let me order from the menu because it was after midday! The kids got to fish in the dam, and feed the ducks and play on the grass and run around like lunatics for 2 hours!

Then bundle kids back in the car at 2pm to get to a party in Allen’s Nek that started at 2pm… spot the problem (not to mention the distance to get there)! En route, stop off at toy shop to buy birthday girl a pressie.  Finally get to said party at 3pm!!

Clamber Club entertained the kids, and OMW they had fun!  I didn’t actually take my camera 🙂 but I was actually seeing all sorts of stunning shots of kids while I was watching… I’m quite sad that way!

I finally got home with the kids at 5pm!

Oh and then I spent the evening, once the kids went to sleep, upgrading my photoblog… and now it’s time for bed.

I got asked this morning when I spend time with the kids because I always seem on the go, and busy with all sorts of things if you look at my blog, and twitter and FB stream.  LOL, as you can see, apart from the photoshoots, my weekend is all about the kids!  Fear not, they’re getting attention too 😉