I’m waiting for Lightroom to finish exporting, and praying it doesn’t fail again… but in the meantime…

Connor is sleeping, without realising what’s really happening tomorrow.

How on earth do you really prepare a 3 year old for hospital and surgery?  He looks at me blankly when I say he can’t have his morning bottle tomorrow because he’s not allowed anything to eat 🙁  .  It’s going to be hell tomorrow morning!

He’s going for a tonsillectomy tomorrow, because his tonsils are now permanently swollen from the umpteen bouts of tonsillitis he’s had in the last year.

I’ve stupidly forgotten to pack toys for him before he went to sleep, so if I do it now he’ll wake up.  And we have to be at the hospital at 6:30am… and yes… it’s late and I’m still not in bed!!

I’m just hoping that he doesn’t react to the anaesthetic like Bradley did when he had grommets put it… Bradley was the first to go into surgery, and the last to leave the ward that night, he just wouldn’t wake up! I’m not sure I can handle that again.

I’m not sure I’m prepared for the pain he’ll be in afterwards.  I’m shying away from understanding it right now, because I don’t want it to happen.  But I suppose I can’t stop it.

Tomorrow will happen as tomorrow needs to happen, and I will have to deal with it.