I know, I should be excited about the World Cup, but I’m not really.

This morning on 5FM, Gareth Cliff was waxing lyrical again about the World Cup, and after being asked whether people will be working during this time, Gareth said yes, all businesses will be working, and should be profiting on the back of it… and only teachers will be off.

Well, I don’t see it that way.

I’m a mother who works.  Like most people who work, there are only a certain number of days leave that you get allocated every year.

I would like to know the following… if all the schools are closed, and all the daycares are closed, who is going to look after the kids for 6 weeks?  Who?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t take that much leave.

So, guess what’s going to happen, companies will have to let people bring their kids to work.  And guess what… productivity levels will drop… therefore less money to be made by everyone!  Let alone the increase in frustration and aggravation levels in the offices because of the kids creating havoc everywhere – and not just for the non-parenting, but also for the parents who will be endlessly hassled for drinks and entertainment during the day.

Oh yes, I see fun ahead.