Laura put together a few questions today on Female2Female… and they look like my kind of questions for tonight… the simple kind 🙂

What colours would your wedding be/was your wedding? My dress was white, and then everything else was a mix of pastel colours… or at least everything was meant to be… because my bridesmaid, who despite being told about the colours, pitched up that morning wearing a bright red lace dress!

Scrubs or Greys Anatomy? Greys Anatomy without a doubt!

Do you pick your battles? I tend to pick them too carefully now, so I’m not confrontational enough!

Bar One or Whole Nut? Bar One

Where is your favourite holiday destination? I dunno, anywhere, as long as there’s sea and a beach to lie on, for at least part of the time

High School Musical or Cinderella? Cinderella

You are buying a new house what is the one thing the house must have? Bright and light rooms

Spring or autumn? Spring

Have you every skinny dipped before? Hell yeah!

Yoga or Kata Box? Yoga

If you had to study what would you study? Art or Photography