I read about the Violence Unsilenced blog a few months ago, and I went to read a few entries that day. It’s an incredible blog. It’s written by people who have experienced some kind of domestic violence, and people use the blog to recount their stories. It’s about speaking out.

Then 2 days ago, one of the bloggers I follow, posted a link on Twitter to Brian’s story.
While I can’t personally relate to the story, it struck a cord in me. One of my greatest fears is that my boys experience something like he did. And that they perpetuate what they experienced.

It’s such a difficult thing to teach your kids what to look out for in life. There’s a fine line between getting them to understand gently and scaring them shitless.

But teach them we must. Even though I don’t want to explain “why” at times. Even though it’s uncomfortable. Because it will save them a lifetime of pain and asking why.

I got an email from him after I commented on the post, and he said “hold your boys close”

And that’s what I’m going to try and do.