We went to Badplaas yesterday for one night, to spend some time at Sharon’s fiance’s Golf Club to do their engagement photos.  And there were the cutest kittens in residence… 4 of them!

And Bradley fell in love.

He was so funny this morning.  The other kids slept in, and Bradley and Connor were playing by themselves in the study.  Bradley came to tell me that the kittens were tired but they weren’t sleeping.  He then promptly told me, that he was singing them to sleep.

LOL! It was so funny, should have taken a video of it with my mobile actually.  He was standing over the box they were curled up in… singing away… some random song that he was making up as he was going 🙂

Too cute! And so were the kittens.

He fell in love with a little tortoise shell kitty whose name was Princess.  He tried very hard to convince us to bring one home.  If it weren’t for the fact that we’re going on holiday on Tuesday I probably would have caved.  The cat in the photo is another cat who was also pregnant, and the colouring of this cat is almost the same as the kitten that Bradley was besotted with.

When we get back from our holiday, we really have to make a plan to get them pets… seriously this time (‘cos I think, in fact, I know, I’ve blogged about this a number of times in the last year!).