I feel so bad, but it’s gonna have to be done 🙁

My parents have had dogs most of my life.  I grew up with them in the house, and part of the deal is that in my family, dogs sleep in the kitchen.

However, having 2 puppies in the house is no laughing matter.

I love them to pieces, I do, but my God, that smell that greets me in the morning when I open the kitchen door has to be dealt with!! I cannot handle it! 

Exmi and a few other guys on Twitter have told me to crate the dogs at night.  Apparently if you put them in a box that they can’t climb out of, they’ll be forced to call if they need to wee.  The theory is that they won’t mess their den.  The problem with this is the following:

1.  Finding a box that’s big enough for these dogs.

2.  Our bedroom is upstairs, and it’s not going to be practical to run downstairs every time they cry… and it’ll take too long to take them downstairs and out the door if the box is upstairs with us.

So, tomorrow Lance will be going to find a kennel to put in the garden.  They should be fine, they’re huskies for crying out aloud… right?! Their genes are supposed to be used to the cold… right?!

I’m already dreading the half hour tomorrow morning that I’m going to be spending cleaning the mess and trying desperately to get rid of the smell 🙁

Then why do I feel so guilty?!