Female2Female’s bloggy challenge today is about Blessings. I was actually going to moan about Joburg Water on my blog today… but counting my blessings is just so much nicer 🙂

Todays blog challenge is about the blessings we have in our lives. The challenge is to list as many things as you can that you are blessed with!

I count myself as blessed because:

  • I have kids who make me smile every day
  • I have dogs who have made the kids play outside for longer stretches and watch less TV 🙂
  • My “new” job allows me to work from home every now and then
  • I can use a camera and make people smile
  • I can buy clothes for the kids to keep them warm.  I got a SMS from Hannah this morning asking for help to get the kids winter uniforms and clothes… she’s struggling… not sure how to help her yet
  • My parents are just down the road from my house, and they’re awesome!
  • My husband wakes up at night for the kids so I can sleep through now
  • I get to meet the most awesome people with my photography, and go to events that I would never normally go to.
  • I get to capture memories… and that’s so so very important