The kids are going to be so very tired of the car by the time we get to the coast on Tuesday.

We drove more than 3 hours to Badplaas on Friday, the same back home on Saturday, and we drove to Parys and back today (and that’s a 1 and a half hour trip one way).  And you know what kids are like in small confined space?!

But it’s also quite funny now with Connor trying to copy Bradley with the car games.

Take “eye spy” for example. Connor insists on having a turn between everyone else.

Today he goes “I spy, my ittle eye, something…. clouds”

So we guess “sky”, to which he replies “no”

“blue” again it’s a “no”

“sun” again it’s a “no”

“Clouds” says Bradley, and Connor shouts “no!!”

And so it continues… very tiring, I tell ya!