I got an email on Monday with the most cute photos of 2 Siberian Husky puppies that a colleague’s neighbour is sellling.  After chatting to Lance about it, we decided to take the boys (who were so extremely excited) to choose a puppy tonight.

However, this is proving to be a problem.  We can’t choose which one to buy, in fact we might end up getting both.

There are 2 available, neither of which have been named yet… which is a little odd in itself… how can you live with puppies for 8 weeks in your house without naming them?!

So, now the big thing is… choose a name… and a puppy… and collect it tomorrow.  But we can’t decide on a puppy or the names… so please help…

First up is the little girl…  she’s kinda quiet and gentle and she’s smaller than the male.

So far our names we’re thinking about for her are :

Kitara (from Avatar on TV)

Saskia, Anouk or Anushka (suggested by Camilla)

Next is the little boy… he’s gorgeous with pale pale fur and a stripe of pale grey/beige going down his spine.  He’s very playful.

So far we have the following names:

Hulk – as suggested by Connor ‘cos he wants a superhero name

Kent, Alaska, Kimo (suggested by Camilla)

Seriously, please help… we’re kinda useless with names!!