Today is Earth Day 2010, and I should really be blogging about what I’m doing to help the environment, and to encourage everyone else to do the same.

However, I’m too irritated with Joburg Water… and the subject matter is actually related!

We have a leak at our water meter on the road, and Lance reported it 3 days ago… do you think anyone has bothered to come and fix it?  Of course not!  When he logged the call, the guy couldn’t even tell him how long it would take to fix.

And it’s not a trickle!  OK, it’s not a fountain either, but that’s not the point, it’s SUCH a waste of a precious resource.

We only found it because we had a leak at our main tap, and we needed to turn it off at the meter to fix the problem.  So, until they fix the leak at the meter, we can’t actually replace the fitting that’s worn out inside our garden walls.

I wonder how much water has been lost with the leak so far?  It makes me mad even thinking about it actually.

Not only that.. but when Lance opened it up, he had to scoop out the muddy deposits on top of the actual meter to get to it.  Which leads me to the next question… when last did they actually read our meter?

And it’s not only ours, Lance went to check our neighbours meter too… and it’s even worse.  His is completely covered in hardened soil!!

How the hell are we being charged?

And also… if they’d freaking bothered to read the meter more regularly they would have found the leak sooner and less water would have been wasted!! So much for their banner on the home page of their website talking about being a water warrior – if you start some kind of campaign like that – you should start with your own employees!!