This blog meme is going around… and I’ve been nominated by Boobah’s Mom and Gina and Megan and Camilla

And now I have to blurt out 7 random facts about me that you don’t already know… tricky considering the amount of time I spend blogging!
1. I’ve started following more style bloggers recently… in an attempt to keep up to date because I don’t have time for magazines anymore
2. I’m really enjoying learning how to do UX Design and as someone who has been a Business Analyst for so many years and designing functionally, this way of designing sites and systems is just WOW… all of a sudden there’s a real reason behind where a button must go… and it’s not about how cool it looks.
3. I wish I had time to do yoga
4. We last had family photos taken 3 years ago… and I’ve only got one photo of Connor on the walls… and it breaks my heart when he tries to spot himself in the photos… I just don’t have the energy to trawl through all the photos I’ve taken and print the nice ones. I need to organise a family photoshoot for ourselves!
5. I desperately want to redecorate my house, and redo some of the rooms completely
6. I haven’t worn high heels in ages… have decided to only wear flats from now on… my feet don’t hurt anymore
7. I want a new car again. LOL! I suppose for those who know me well, this doesn’t come as a surprise, I’ve had my car for 18 mths… and that’s a lifetime in car years for me… I want the new Hyundai ix35

I’m going to forego nominating… if you want to do it be my guest 🙂