I got a SMS from Hannah a few weeks ago to say that they needed help with winter uniforms.  I haven’t been able to help with that, but I have got all my kids old clothes from last year, and Louisa has kindly given me all of her old baby clothes too. I’m going to take them on Friday as I planned.

Then, I got thrown! I just spotted the latest update on the St Jane de Chantal page on Facebook, saying that they’ve got a new baby and they need help because they’re going to have to try and get the baby treated privately.  This isn;t the first time she’s had to do this, the last baby she got in was treated this way too… because the government hospital told her that time that she baby was too sick, and there was no hope, and she refused to give up.

I really need to go there on Friday!!  If anyone can help with the treatment, I’ll find out more details and post the request here.