I attended an interesting meeting the other day, and one of the guys that were in the meeting was telling us about the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and a little bit more about how it works.  I cannot help be impressed by what he said… I had no idea that…

1.  When a child get looked after by the fund, it’s a holistic funding.  A foster family is found.  They get money from the fund and instructions on how they expect the child and his/her siblings (cos they’re never split up) must get looked after.  The funds pay for everything including all the schooling until the age of 18.

2.  When the child reaches 18, they then get educated further by the Mandela Rhodes Foundation.

3.  When they’ve finished studying they have to go back into the community where they grew up, and work there for the first 3 years to uplift the community.

Impressive hey?

Then, you know those 46664 bracelets?  Well, I didn’t realise that the serial numbers on them were so important.  I knew they were serialised, but had no idea what the reason was… it’s so that you can track where your money went.

Cool hey?!

I like what I heard