I took the kids to see Toy Story 3 in 3D today at Clearwater Mall.  It was a cool movie, I really enjoyed it and so did the kids… and it was the first time the kids had been to see a 3D movie… and they were quite excited about the prospect of watching the movie with the glasses.

There were a few things I learnt today about my kids and 3D movies:

  • Even though Connor’s head is big, the glasses just didn’t fit him and he kept having to hold them against his face to keep them up.  Nu Metro should really make kids sizes available especially considering you actually have to pay for the damn things!
  • As a result of the holding up… the glasses were full of sticky fingerprints within the first 5 minutes… in fact before the movie even started.
  • This meant that he actually couldn’t see through them properly
  • So he gave up on the glasses idea within 5 minutes of the movie starting.  This meant he watched the rest of the movie with blurred vision.
  • After about an hour, Bradley started complaining that his eyes were sore.  This was the second time I’d seen a 3D movie, and I must say that my eyes didn’t get as tired today as they had with Avatar.
  • Both kids had headaches by the end and complained about feeling nauseous. FABULOUS!

So even though the movie was good, the experience was not so good.

And before you ask, my kids don’t get motion sick (I’ve read an article somewhere about the fact that people who get motion sick get ill after watching a 3D movie)

Nice idea, the 3D thing, but in my mind it’s just a gimmick.  Until they find a way of showing a 3D movie where you don’t need the blasted glasses, I won’t be seeing another one in a hurry.

The only thing that worries me about that stand point is the number of movies getting released in 3D now… and not to mention the gimmicky 3D Sony TV that’s on the market now.  Surely with the TV you don’t have to watch everything in 3D… and then if you buy one you won’t be able to ever invite friends over to watch a game or something if they get motion sick.

Some marketer is going to have a hard job convincing me that it’s not a gimmick.