I finally got around to getting some South Africa kit today 🙂 but not the gross yellow soccer shirts that everyone is touting… because I look yellow when I wear yellow and that just isn’t a pretty sight.

I decided I needed to make a little effort… there’s a street parade in Sandton next Wednesday that I’m DEFINITELY packing my camera for… and I need to look close to the part if I’m going to be handling a vuvuzela! Right?

Anyhoo, instead of the normal gear, I blinged out! LOL!  Much to Lance’s disgust… he thinks I’ve gone really kugs.

A colleague and I spotted the gear at Woolies today while we were shopping for a gift. I couldn’t resist.  So now I’m the proud owner of a velour, that’s right, a bright green velour South Africa hoodie

and a black t-shirt with a glitter SA flag emblazoned on it.

Hehe, all I need now is the white hi-tops to go with the skinny jeans and I have quite a serious outfit going 😉

Not actually sure when I’m ever going to wear the stuff again after the World Cup is over!