I just read a tweet that said “I don’t know how I would pass time without twitter” and it got me thinking.

I’m seriously addicted to Twitter, some days are worse than others.

I get all my news from Twitter.  Twitter is how I’m following the World Cup games because we have the only office in the building without a TV, and my desk at home is upstairs and I can’t see the TV.  Twitter is where I get my answers… it’s my Yellow Pages… it’s my first port of call before Google. It’s my SMS line (I don’t use SMS’es I contact everyone via Twitter or FB or email or Skype or BBM etc etc, but not SMS).  It’s my blogger friend update line. It’s my learning channel.

So, what would I do without it?  Probably watch more TV and use more Skype and go back to using online forums.  Seriously though, if Twitter failed completely one day, there will be something that everyone will move to… maybe Plurk will become big again?  You never know

And that’s all I can think of.

How would you get by?