The place is really buzzing now about the FIFA World Cup 2010.

The DJ’s on 5FM are talking about it all day. Twitter is abuzz with tweets with #WC2010 attached, especially when teams or players are spotted or like today, where some daft cameraman was seen in Sandton City wearing a bullet proof vest.  Almost every second car on the street has got flags on their side mirrors and flags sticking out of windows.  There are so many people wearing soccer shirts or just shirts with South African flags on them.

The office is talking about who’s taking leave on Friday to watch the game, and what time we can leave the office; while some people in other offices are scheming how they’re going to be able to watch at the office (our company has everything well organised for everyone to be able to watch).

Everyone is talking about it.

A friend of mine in the US spoke about it on FB just now, and said I need to take photos of it to capture the excitement; and I realised that I should.  And I need to blog about it more.  It’s something I’d like to remember, and would be nice for the kids to read one day.  So, I think my focus for the next few weeks should be soccer related on my #365.

First thing happening is the street procession on Wednesday that I’m there for.  Not sure what I’m going to do on Friday.  We have a half day, and I’m going to have to let Beauty go home early too.  The roads are going to be bedlam.

Lance is watching at work… he started a new job this week and he has to be there.  Maybe I should watch the opening ceremony and the match with my mom at their house with the kids…  hmmm… think that’ll be my plan for the day.

What are you doing?  Where are you watching the game?